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Why Are Ricoh Copiers A Good Choice?

If you’re looking for a copier for your office, you have probably checked out all of the different brands and types on the market. You may want to consider looking at Ricoh copiers a bit more. You can't beat the uncompromising quality of Ricoh copiers.

This is something that you will have in your office for many years to come, and Ricoh copiers will always be there to back you up. You no longer need to look at any other copier and the makers of Ricoh copiers stand behind their products. This is a great benefit as you can rest assured you are getting a great product.

Do the Research

Don't ever let a sales person sell you any piece of office equipment to you that is unnecessary. Lean about a few different copiers and learn the specs of the machine as well. Learn what one machine has that another one doesn't. You are going to be surprised at all Ricoh copiers can offer, and what makes them stand out from the rest. Researching the internet is a great tool.

The makers of Ricoh will always back up their quality with world class tech support as well as training for people who will be using the machine. At Ricoh, the staff knows that they build the highest quality copiers on the market today. After you try one, you will feel the same.

Compare the prices between different brands and the specs of the copier. Make sure that you know want you need the copier to do for you. If you know what you need the machine to do, you can do your research the right way. If it's done the right way, you will get exactly what you need in a copier.

As your doing the research, make sure that you check out all of the features because some brands will offer different features than others. You won't find the same quality of machine with the right features anywhere but Ricoh.

General Features

• Automatic duplex imaging that does not affect imaging performance
• Ricoh DOSS option reduces the risk of information theft
• Three different document finishing options
• Large touch pad LCD operator screen

Printer Features

• Scan once, and print many to increase performance
• Copy features like cover insertion, page designation, and many more
• Optional 50-Sheet ARDF for automatic feeding of documents (one and two-sided) at engine speed
• 600 DPI resolution with 256 levels of gray
• Electronic/Rotate sorting produces complete document sets and eliminates manual collation

These copiers are loaded with features that it’s hard to describe them all. Do yourself a huge favor and don't cross Ricoh copiers off of the list until you have compared them to all of the other brands on your shopping list. While you may not recognize the name, their products are just as good, if not better than the rest.

Ricoh copiers are great copiers to use in your personal or business office. The features listed above don't even scratch the surface of what this copier has to offer.


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