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The Costs and Prices of Recycled Copy Paper

Many companies around the world today have attempted to choose between switching over their regular copy paper supplies to recycled paper however they are unsure of the exact benefits that this transition will bring.
A lot of companies seem to have a bad taste in their mouths from recycled paper that was available in the past, due to some less than pleasant results; however, the process has changed and is allowing higher quality output.
The largest benefit of course is the impact on saving the amount of trees that are being cut down, however what exactly do you gain by purchasing recycled copy paper?

First off, as everyone knows, using recycled paper products is excellent for the health of the global ecosystems with trees. It is estimated that using forty cases of recycled copy paper will negate the need to cut down approximately thirty-four trees. That equates to approximately thirty-two hundred quarts of oil, fourteen thousand gallons of precious H20, and innumerable amounts of electricity.
Also, the initial creation of paper can use a great deal of harmful chemicals, and by using recycled copy paper, you are eliminating some of the initial treatment additives that are used.

Second, it is high-grade paper, unlike a lot of the images that we seem to envision when we think of recycled paper. Due to the increase in technologies in the field of recycling, the quality of paper that we find from the recyclers is directly comparable to that of brand new paper, and in some cases it can even be better.
In the past, there have been a lot of bad experiences with recycled copy paper being of a different consistency and quality of production, but nowadays you will not even be able to tell the difference between recycled and brand new paper without doing a chemical analysis.
Though you cannot visually tell the difference, the environment is doing that for you.

Third, it is incredibly easy to purchase recycled paper. While it is easy to buy regular copy paper from any office supplier, you can easily purchase other recycled paper products such as sticky notes, mailing supplies, filing supplies, etc. without having to order them from a special website. Despite a great deal of common opinions, you can actually purchase recycled copy paper for about the same price as regular paper that is right off of the mill.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits that you can receive outside of your company is recognition of your client base. When you care enough about the environment to take the steps to invest in future generations, your customers are bound to notice and give you a great deal of acclaim.
All around the world, there is a very large movement that has been growing to move to the production of green processes and products, and the use of recycling and using recycled copy paper is just one of the many ways that you are able to help do your share to protect the earth.


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