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Traditional Printed News Publications Wage War on the Internet News Companies

Since the internet has taken off, there has been a very large competition between the operators of printed news media, and those who run news sources only from the pages of the internet.
While many prefer the feeling of having a physical newspaper in their hands, a great deal more have discovered how easy it is to get the news online as it is happening instead of having to wait until the next morning to hear about the latest crisis.
It is incredibly hard for traditional mediums to keep up, as printing material is becoming a thing of the past more and more, however they have worked very hard to advance into the modern news delivery age in order to maintain their client bases.

The Problem with Printed Media

Perhaps the most prominent issue with printed news sources and publications is the distribution channels.
It is very cheap and easy for a newspaper to print copies of a publication after the initial layout has been made; however, getting this copy out to all of their subscribers requires payment of delivery agents in a specific area, whether it be a small town or a large region.
The internet allows the transmission of the news and information to be instantaneous, all that is required is an effective webhost and a website that is easy for any web user to operate.

The main way in which printer news companies are working to deliver the news to their clients, is by using the same writers and journalists that they have now to post the information on the internet.
It is an easy way to deliver the content, and by including printed advertisements and pay-per-click advertisements, as well as charging their subscribers for the ability to look up information from the archives and get full stories, they are actually bringing in a fair amount of revenue.
Many people have become dependent upon the information availability in the information age, and they are willing to pay whatever they need to in order to get live updates.

However, since the internet news sources are able to be updated in real time, it requires a lot more effort on the part of the news company in order to keep up with the events.
Journalists and editors are thus given much more strict deadlines, and news companies are also required to staff a lot more workers in order to speed up the process in between the occurrence of the newsworthy event and the posting of the information on their websites. There has always been a very large amount of competition between different news companies, however now the tension has increased and getting the story 5 minutes earlier than your opponent can make all the difference when it comes to posting the information online.
As soon as you have released a story on the internet, the public masses are able to find it, and the faster they are able to get the news, the quicker they pass around the link to their friends and family, so the more readings you get.


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