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Paying For Copies vs. Buying Your Own Copier

One of the most difficult decisions that a business owner can make, is whether it is more beneficial to invest in a copy machine for their office’s copying needs or to outsource the work to a copy shop in order to save money.
If you are on the verge of being forced to make this decision due to a broken machine or an increase in copy needs, there are a few factors that you should consider before making the final call.

What Options Do You Have For Copying Businesses In Your Area?

If you are considering choosing a copying company to make all of the duplicate documents for you, you should always look at all of the options first in order to save money.
Just like the cosmetology schools that offer you cheaper haircuts, many colleges and universities provide discounted copying services that help get students familiar with the printing and document creation processes associated with running a small business, so you can get your copies made at a local college campus for a fraction of the cost that you would incur at a large chain store such as Kinkos.
It can be very pricey to get a lot of copies made at a company like this, as copies are not cheap to make in the first place, and they are trying to turn a profit. The copy department of a university is not dedicated to making a great deal of money off of you, they are simply trying to give students hands-on experience while covering the costs of the printing and copying expenses.
If you plan on making a lot of copies, it is cheaper in the long and short run to invest or rent a copy machine.

What Kinds Of Copies Are You Trying To Make?

Printing color copies is very expensive task, especially when you are trying to print out a lot of sheets that have a lot of different colors. Copying gray-scale sheets is much easier, as you only have to use one toner cartridge, and while it can still be costly, it does not require several different units in order to run properly.
Many companies have discovered the cost benefit of running off their black and white copies in house, while outsourcing the color copies to a locally owned and operated copy company. All you are required to own is a working gray-scale copier to run the everyday copying.

You have to invest into making copies for people around your office, the better. In fact, many different businesses are switching to digital copiers that scan a hard copy of a document and convert it to digital form so you can avoid dealing with printing paper documents all of the time.
With these style copiers, you are able to send out emails containing handwritten or digital documents so the inbox picks up the task instead of the budget and subsequently the environment as trees are cut down in order to allow you to print hard copies.


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