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Copying Revolutions: Going Green with a Digital Copy Machine (Product Review)

One of the most difficult things for a student, who is trying to research a certain topic in the library and find good sources, is trying to find a cheap method of copying their documents.
Sure, paying ten cents a copy for a page is not all that bad if you are just trying to get a couple sheets of a document, however it can quickly add up if you have to analyze chapters of writing for your documents.
Thankfully, the Book2Net Kiosk Scanner is a device that allows any user to copy printed materials to a digital format for easy transference and to save a great deal of paper in the process.

Instead of using traditional paper and toner to make the pages of a library book more portable, innovations to the standard design of copy machines have made it possible for students to take the material with them.
Using a state-of-the-art camera, the Book2NetKiosk scans in the pages of a book and converts them into a variety of different mediums so you are not forced to stay in the library and read over pages of text for hours.
This machine gives you the choice of quality with which you are able to scan the pages of the text, so instead of paying for a copy that could potentially be bad quality, you can ensure that you are getting the best image of the pages.
Using a digital scanning kiosk will save money for both the library operators and those who are using the copying services.

Different Styles of Digital Scanners

The Book2Net Kiosk Scanner line is actually comprehensive, offering devices for simple book copying tasks, to full-fledged digitization of an entire library of works.
The most basic scanner is a table-top device that allows the simple scanning not so much for the exact replication and highest quality of the pages but just for the general information of the book.
However, just because it is “low-end” when compared to the rest of the scanners in the line, it is still able to scan documents at up to fifty megapixels, which is about five times as clear as most of the digital cameras in the hands of consumers.
Also, even the basic model has the capability to scan two pages of a book, provided they are both facing the lens of the scanner, in about one fifth of a second, which is about one tenth of the time that is required by a traditional scanner for the same task.

The upper model of the Book2Net Kiosk Scanner line is the Cobra V-Scan unit. Utilizing two parallel forty megapixel cameras, it gives you the opportunity to scan books that are perhaps more fragile and delicate.
The holding tray for the material to be scanned is in the form of a “v”, in order to preserve the structural integrity of the spine and the pages. This model is actually the number one choice of many libraries containing important historical works, as it prevents the wear and tear of normal scanning procedures.


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