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Handling Common Issues with Modern Copy Machines

Businesses in this day and age rely so heavily upon being able to make copies of various documents and memos that should the machine fail and leave them copy-less, it could result in chaos for the workday.
Despite what many people think about the workings and functioning of these devices, the majority of all problems are the result of a few minor issues that can be fixed quickly and avoid a lot of the hassle.

Identifying the Most Frequent Copier Failures

Though it may seem like a near brain-less observation, the first thing you should do if there is an issue with the copy machine is to ensure that the power supply is functioning correctly.
It is very easy for the cord to become unplugged from the wall with normal wear and tear, and simply plugging it back in can restore office order.

Most copiers, regardless of whether they have advanced touchscreen displays or simply status indicator lights, will clue you in on whether or not you are able to make a copy. Just like with traffic lights, green means go, so if you see a green light on the “Start” button, you are ready to go to town.
If the light is off or it is red, you may have a problem on your hands. Commonly, the paper feed can get jammed when moisture binds a couple of pieces of paper together, and removing a panel can help you stop the jam and get the copier back online. If you are noticing that your paper is jamming a lot, or there is an issue with the amount of moisture in your office, it may be best to put a limited amount of paper in the tray at one time to avoid wasting it. Also, be careful with liquids around the copier, as they can easily damage the paper load trays and the electric circuitry.

After you attempt to remove a possible paper jam and the problem remains, you should remove the power cord from the outlet and wait a minute or two until you plug it back in.
The print spooling process can sometimes get clogged up in the copier’s operating system, and after a certain number of copies it will prompt the user that maintenance is needed.

Dealing With Low-Quality Copies

Copy machines rely on toner cartridges which allow them to make copies so quickly, however the toner is quite expensive and it moves through copiers very fast. If you notice that your copies are faded in some areas or the copier is spitting out blank pages it may be time for toner replacement.
Toner is a powdered substance and it can tend to concentrate in the cartridge, so if you remove the toner container from the machine and shake it once or twice, it can dislodge some of the stuck material, and get you back on track.
However, even if this works, it is important to note that you will most likely be in need of replacement toner in the near future.


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