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Copy Machine Leasing Advice

Every business nowadays has to make copies of one kind or another, and that can be very expensive when you are forced to pay for the duplicates to be made at a local copy shop.
However, switching over to an in-house copy machine in your company can be quite difficult as well, as you need to decide whether you are going to buy a machine outright, or lease a unit from a business that provides a unit for you. If you are trying to decide whether it would benefit you more to lease or to buy a copy machine, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Define Your Copying Needs

When you are trying to find a rental car company based upon the size of the trip you are about to take, you are estimating the distance to find the lowest price, and when you are searching for a mobile phone plan you estimate the amount of minutes you will utilize every month.
Finding the right company from which to lease a copy machine is essentially the same process: you have to estimate how many copies you are going to make, as the companies are going to bill you accordingly.
You will get a much lower rate initially with a lower expectancy of copies per month, however if you go over that limit you will be charged a good deal for each overage.

Apart from simply defining the number of copies that you will be making each month, you must also figure out the quality and color of the duplications you will make.
Employing the use of a color copier is a great advantage to traditional gray-scale models, however it is also a lot more expensive to operate and maintain. If you have to make a lot of color copies, it is cheaper to lease a color copier than it is to have them printed at copy shops; however it is still not very cost effective as a practice.

If you are going to make only a few copies every month, it may be in the best interest of your company to purchase a machine instead of having a lease.
You could get away with buying a smaller copier, and you would not be forced to pay a monthly fee that may include copies that you are not using.

Repair and Maintenance

The one drawback to purchasing a copy machine, however, is that you do not get contractual repairs and maintenance included.
Copy machine lease holders are entitled to a repairman servicing the machine in the event of a malfunction, whereas owners of the machines have to pay for the parts and the labor of the service.
Also, you do not have to purchase the toner for the machine as a leaseholder (in most cases), as it is a contractual obligation of the company. This does not necessarily mean that you will incur some form of necessary repair when you purchase a copy machine; it is just a way to ensure that you are not stuck with the ability to use the machine if you lease one.


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