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Five Things To Remember When Buying a Digital Copier for Your Business

You already know that buying a digital copier is a sound investment for your business. Multifunctional, cost-effective, produces high-quality copies... What more could you need, right? However, before you search for one online, there are some things you have to take into consideration. You may be thinking any digital copier will do. While there is some truth to this, seeing that digital copiers are exceptional devices, there is a difference between buying one and buying one which suits your business the most.

1. Color Copier or Black and White?
Of course, a digital color copier costs more than its black and white counterpart. If you have the money, the color copier is suggested. On the other hand, if you are in a budget, ask yourself if you will actually need one. A black and white copier is good enough if most of your documents do not need color. If you are in the marketing business and produce brochures, colored photos, and similar documents on a regular basis, then it woul be smart to purcahse a color copier.

2. Paper Handling
This is an important feature that you should take time in considering. If you are short-staffed and multitasking is called for, get a copier which can handle at least 250 sheets. Free yourself and your colleagues from refilling the copier tray every two hours or so.

3. Volume
Do not make the mistake of buying a personal copier to use for business to save money. Personal copiers are not made to handle hefty volume. You will end up taking it to a service center sooner than you think. Go for a digital copier made especially for handling heavy volume.

4. Versatility
Digital copiers by themselves are multifunctional. However, there are businesses which needs to produce copies in different papers, in size, material, and weight. If your company falls under this type, look for a copier that can manage various types of papers including index cards, transparencies, and other media.

5. Duplexing
Simply put, this is a copier feature which enables it to print on both sides of the paper. Buying this type of copier will cost a few more dollars but if you think it is necessary for your business, then why not? It can save you money on paper in the long run.


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