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What Are the Advantages of a Color Copier?

Are you looking for high quality and a great price on your next color copier? You can save yourself a lot of agony by just asking the right questions at first. This is what will ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

The first one is obvious. You’re not limited to black and white copies. Beyond that, you can make a much better impression when you do presentations if you have a color copier. It just makes charts and graphs look much more readable and professional.

Color presentations are more eye-catching and it's easy to draw a person's attention to a certain part of a graph or chart using a color copier, rather than black and white. People tend to look at the things that grab their attention longer, and more intently.

Time Saver

When you use color, it takes less time to get the attention of the people at the meeting. The better you have their attention, the more time you will save. In the end it's just a good investment in your company. The old saying time is money is absolutely true.

You can save big bucks by shortening the time your people spend in meetings. If you can even cut ten minutes off of every meeting, just think of the money you would save. If the people in the meeting are paying more attention to your presentation, you’re saving the money.

What Kind of Color Copier Do I Need?

There are a lot of different types of color copiers on the market. A few things to think about when deciding what kind of color copier your company needs include things such as what you are using it for and do the copies need to be super clear and sharp?

Is it a necessity for the color to be highly brilliant? Does every job need to look ultra professional? If this is that case, you should consider a color copier. They will produce the most true to life copies that you can get.

If it's not quite that important, you can step down to a standard color copier or a photo copier to save a little money. You should always consider buying a color laser copier first. Most companies will need one at some point in time, and you won't be forced to buy another one later on.

Network Ready

This is one of those things that you should always consider before you purchase a color copier of any kind. Having the copier available on the network to people who use it the most will save you time and money in the long run.

You should do some research on this before you buy a network ready color copier. You need to be sure that it is easy for your network people to install and setup. Make sure you find out about the average time it takes to set the copier up on your network.

Make sure you learn if it is internet ready, this is really handy for updates, and new software installs. Learn all you can about these things before you purchase the printer, and everything should go smoothly when your people install it.

Features to Look For

1. Color Up To 30 PPM
2. Black Up To 30 PPM
3. Do multiple functions simultaneously
4. Fast speeds
5. Scan documents directly to your desktop, to a public or private folder, or to password-protected mailboxes
6. High paper capacity of up to 1,675 sheets can support long print runs and busy workgroups

If you consider these things when you buy your color copier, you won't be left wondering why it doesn't do some of the things you need it to. Make you color copier purchase wisely, ask a lot of questions, and research the internet.


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