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Do Cloud Storage Services Threaten Copy Machines?

I’ve previously touched upon the subject of tablets, such as the iPad, offering some competition among enterprises in using digital over paper presentations — thus eliminating some need for copying paper, although not replacing it. However, another technology also exists … Continue reading

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Xerox Undergoing Major Changes

Xerox is undergoing major changes to the way the company operates, according to DemocratAndChronicle. The company has traditionally focused on manufacturing products such as copy machines and printers. However, it will now be focusing its efforts on business services rather … Continue reading

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Paper Pages Still Going Strong

According to Market Watch, the paper-based printed page still has some life in it. “The death of the printed page has been greatly exaggerated, and although print volume will remain relatively flat between 2010 and 2015 (0.1% CAGR), combined U.S. … Continue reading

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