Another Recycling Event Planned with Copiers Expected

If you missed Intel’s last recycling event, which we mentioned here, and are looking to either get rid of some equipment or look for new copiers to possibly grab that no one wants, you may be in luck.

According to The Rock River Times, there is a recycling event planned this May in Oregon with copy machines certainly making an expected presence.

“The recycling event will be accepting only residential electronic equipment such as answering machines, calculators, cameras, cell phones, CD-ROM drives, computers, cables, cable receivers, copy machines, credit card machines, digital converter boxes, digital music players, CDs and DVDs, electric motors and wire, fax machines, floppy disk drives, keyboards, laptops, modems, monitors, mice (electronic), microwave ovens, pagers, phone systems, printers, postage machines, power tools, projection TVs, projectors, rechargeable batteries (no alkaline), scanners, servers, shredders, software, stereo equipment, tablets, iPads, tape drives, tape recorders, telephones, typewriters, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, video/audio tapes, video cameras, video game players and satellite receivers.”

It will take place Friday, May 3, from 8am-3pm at Ogle County Farm Bureau parking lot, 421 W. Pines Road, in Oregon, Ill.

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School Districts and Copy Machine Leases

I recently ran into this article from eMissourian that talks about a school district renewing a lease on copy machines.

“The Meramec Valley School District will renew its lease for 39 copy machines throughout the district. District officials say they run off about 9 million copies a year.”

This is interesting because it shows most school districts do not purchase their own equipment, but lease it. I am sure the same thing can be said in some companies or other government institutions when it comes to copiers.

Thus, this can be seen as a good and bad thing. Bad for the copy machine makers who want to sell as much equipment themselves as possible, and good for the leasers and those in the business of offering copy services themselves.

The bottom line, however, is there are many interesting ways to go with copiers as assets.

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The Meaning of the Term “Copy”

Although copiers specialized in copying services, primarily copying important pages or documents made out of paper, the term is often interchangeable with an original copy of a work.

According to CS Monitor, tax papers may be original or copied from the original file. This is what is available online and is enough for the IRS. However, it still isn’t an original.

“The exchange got me thinking about copy in the sense of replica or mere imitation and the same word used to mean – what? I’m stuck here because there’s no ready synonym. What I’m getting at is copy in the sense of “an instance” of something. When you ask, “Do you have your own copy of the book, or shall I lend you mine?” you’re using copy in a sense different from “I made a copy of my check before mailing it.”

The author makes an interesting point. In English, we often correlate the term copy to an original and irreplaceable document rather than copies of an original. These terms are often used interchangeably.

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Canon Profits from Printer & Copier Gains

Canon has a wide range of copy machines and printers on the market and the company recently posted its financial report according to Times Colonist:

“Japanese camera and office equipment maker Canon Inc. on Thursday reported a hefty 16 per cent gain in profit for the first fiscal quarter, largely on a favourable exchange rate, but such strong growth wasn’t expected to hold up.”

To get specific figures, Canon’s profits grew 6% from last year:

“Canon’s January-March net profit totalled 47.6 billion yen ($467 million) on quarterly sales of 868.3 billion yen ($8.5 billion), up 6 per cent on year, as healthy laser printer and copier demand offset shrinking camera sales.”

As you can see from the report, laser printer and copiers are doing great with consumers and Canon is creating a demand for them as compared to its other businesses.

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Dropbox = the Virtual Copy Machine?

Although copy machines are very important even in this day and age, the digital age is following their model in many ways through the use of the cloud, Internet and broadband communications.

This was really highlighted in this piece EETimes called “Life Without Dropbox? Unthinkable!.”

“The great thing is that as soon as I get a new machine, I bounce over to DropBox and download their application onto this new platform. This time, instead of creating a new account, I tell DropBox that I have an existing account and provide the details (username, password, etc.).”

Does this not sound like a virtualized copy machine to you? Although copy machines may start becoming less relevant on the wider scale, their model may be timeless and useful for other methods of distributing files.

We now can copy files directly through Dropbox and walk around with them on our iPads rather than carrying paper in our hands. Although this method is still impractical on a massive scale since most companies do not have a policy in place or can afford one that would mandate each employee to own an iPad and bring it everywhere with them.

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Recycling Events May Be a Great Way to Find Still Usable Copiers

If you are shopping for a copier today and do not need a brand new device for your business, going to recycling centers or digging around the trash near office centers and corporate business centers may be an option to consider.

What got me thinking about this is how I always notice so many PCs, printers and copiers lying around when companies update their equipment or move offices. These are often still very much working devices and hardware that shouldn’t be discarded so easily.

Intel is hosting a recycling event for such electronics today, according to MetroWestDaily.

“Intel, the world’s largest computer chip maker, has held the event for several years to provide residents of area towns and local businesses with an opportunity to recycle old electronics in an environmentally safe manner, said Ann Hurd, Intel spokeswoman.”

This event may provide some good equipment to dig through if Intel allows this of course. Or it may end up in some dump somewhere. It will take place today until 6 pm.

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Hiring an Intern to Run Your Copy Machines? Think Again

While browsing copier news I ran into an interesting feature that is worthy of a topic of its own. It is called “Are You Ready for an Intern this Summer” and comes from FastCompany.

The article makes specific mention how interns can be useful for running copy machines in the office.

“Interns don’t want to be your personal errand runner. They want real work experiences, the ability to perform in their field, and to know they contributed to the success of your organization. If the goal of your internship program is to find someone to run the copy machine dry, I suggest you hire an assistant, not an intern.”

This is very much true. Too many companies these days, particularly in competitive industries where they have a large pool of freelancers (like journalism or digital arts) use interns as errand runners rather than teach them through experience what it is like working in the field they desire to be in.

Running copiers may be a great way to use them, but do not use them just for this purpose. Teach them how to run good copiers and how to do prints of various sizes and qualities, but let them explore on their own and get some hands-on experience in more than just copying.

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Windows XP Loses Microsoft’s Support Copy Machines May Need Updating

Because Microsoft is dropping support for Windows XP and you will no longer see updated drivers for your copy machine of choice specifically dealing with XP (rather than Windows as a whole) nor will you see further security updates, a big change at your work place may be in order.

Your company may have to buy Windows 7 or Windows 8 licenses for Microsoft and you may have to download new drivers for your copy machines and printers.

According to IDG news, however, there are still many diehards that do not want to move on and change their software or the way they have been running things.

“Despite Microsoft’s urgings, which began in earnest nearly two-and-a-half years ago, a sizable portion of the world’s PC users are still actively using Windows XP. During March 2014, close to 30 percent of all Internet-connected PCs worldwide were running XP, according to Net Market Share. Only Windows 7 surpassed XP in PC usage.”

Despite this, you may need to update soon if you haven’t by now or should expect your company to and this may or may not affect your copier’s drivers and software.

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Best Copier Buying Tips and Advice

Five Things To Remember When Buying a Digital Copier for Your Business
By: Team

You already know that buying a digital copier is a sound investment for your business.  Multifunctional, cost-effective, produces high-quality copies… What more could you need, right? However, before you search for one online, there are some things you have to take into consideration. You may be thinking any digital copier will do. While there is some truth to this, seeing that digital copiers are exceptional devices, there is a difference between buying one and buying one which suits your business the most.

1. Color Copier or Black and White?
Of course, a digital color copier costs more than its black and white counterpart. If you have the money, the color copier is suggested. On the other hand, if you are in a budget, ask yourself if you will actually need one. A black and white copier is good enough if most of your documents do not need color. If you are in the marketing business and produce brochures, colored photos, and similar documents on a regular basis, then it woul be smart to purcahse a color copier.

2. Paper Handling
This is an important feature that you should take time in considering. If you are short-staffed and multitasking is called for, get a copier which can handle at least 250 sheets. Free yourself and your colleagues from refilling the copier tray every two hours or so.

3. Volume
Do not make the mistake of buying a personal copier to use for business to save money. Personal copiers are not made to handle hefty volume. You will end up taking it to a service center sooner than you think. Go for a digital copier made especially for handling heavy volume.

4. Versatility
Digital copiers by themselves are multifunctional. However, there are businesses which needs to produce copies in different papers, in size, material, and weight. If your company falls under this type, look for a copier that can manage various types of papers including index cards, transparencies, and other media.

5. Duplexing
Simply put, this is a copier feature which enables it to print on both sides of the paper. Buying this type of copier will cost a few more dollars but if you think it is necessary for your business, then why not? It can save you money on paper in the long run.

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PC Mag Reviews Epson Expression Photo XP-950

The Epson Expression Photo XP-950 is a small-in-One printer that will set you back $349 ($249 some places), according to a recent review from PC Mag.

The reviewer have the all-in-one printer 3/5 stars and said the positives included the fact it prints up to tabloid size (11-by-17″) with manual feed; two-sided prints; ethernet connection; Wi-Fi; and prints on discs. Negatives, on the other hand, included low capabilities when it comes to paper and below-par text and graphics quality.

The bottom line is that, “The Epson Expression Photo XP-950 Small-in-One Printer is a little weak on output quality, but it’s fast, and it offers lots of features, including printing on tabloid-size paper,” according to the review.

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