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Saving Your Business Money with an All-In-One Copier and Printer

In this day and age, giving every dollar a name is important, however getting a dollar out of every dime is even more important in light of the condition of the economy.
A major area in which companies are able to save money is often overlooked, though it is one of the simplest ways to save. Most businesses employ the use of a printer as well as a copier to print and make copies; however, these devices are generally separate. Combining the two machines with the use of an all-in-one unit is a great way to avoid the high costs of maintaining a lot of different machines, for a variety of reasons.

Merging Your Output Devices

Using one single machine to print and copy for you is a lot easier than many people think, and it can be a lot cheaper.
With an all in one printer and copier, you can stop printing copies for you and your clients, as you have the option of copying the document to digital format with the push of a button, so you no longer need a scanner and you can save paper.
If you need to have a signature on file, you can simply scan the document into the computer system with the combination unit, and give the customer the original copy.

A good deal of the all-in-one printer/copiers on the market today have a network interface, so instead of giving each individual a printer and having one copier, you can reduce the amount of standalone devices you have.
Combining the printers in your office is great for saving both ink and paper replacement costs, however it is also a great way to avoid issues with printer failure on each individual computer, as you are dealing with one unit. The combination printers have the network hookup so you can not only print from any computer on your network, but you can also scan documents to your computerís hard drive without having to have a scanner hooked up to each computer that needs to do so.

Additional Features of the All-In-Ones

More recent models that have emerged in the office supply marketplace have incorporated many horizontal tasks into their functionality in order to save hassle and time.
Perhaps the most popular feature is dual-sided printing. This has been an option with many printers for a long time; however, you have always had to manually flip the paper over. These new models are able to do it automatically to save you the stress of trying to align the paper correctly. A lot of higher-end models have an automatic hole punching feature that ensures that as soon as you pick up your copies or printed documents, they will be ready for organization. Stapling is another common feature, allowing you to bind together different pages that you print inside of the machine, so you do not have to worry about trying to sort out the pages of several of your reports after you print the, you can just spend more time making sure your presentation will be perfect.


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